Taiwan small eats

CookinG Class

The Must Eats Of Taiwan

In this class we make classic Taiwanese street food (Small Eats), you will get to know how the classical dishes are made, and how the locals eat. 

Koo Tsa Bi

CookinG Class

Cultural Ritual of Local Taiwanese Food

Kóo-tsá bī (古早味) means the most traditional taste of food. In this class we introduce local Taiwanese family cuisines in different regions and different seasons, stories and deep cultural rituals of local Taiwanese food,

Xia Jiou Tsai

CookinG Class

Cooking Class for Adults

Xia Jiou Tsai (下酒菜) are dishes that go well with alcohol drinks. In this class you will taste 5+ different kinds of local alcohols and learn how to prepare selected fancy Xia Jiou Tsai specialities.



Share your food stories

A non-profit project hat you can join and share your own home cuisines with the local residents in Taiwan. An unique experience during your stay in Taiwan!

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